Balkan Express
Project that promotes the Balkan culture
Project Description

Balkan Express it’s a multidisciplinary show which combines music, illustration and storytelling. It’s a project that promotes the Balkan culture and which has been played several times in Brussels.

Production : Kaléidoscope asbl
Supported by : Service Général de la Creation Artistique de la WFB.

Artistic team :
Kalliopi Bolovinou, flute
Bruno Borsu, storytelling
Yiannis Efstathopoulos, guitar
Teresa Arroyo Corcobado, illustration
Andrea Minoia, photographer.
Cécile Delberghe, stage director.
Patrick Michel, outside view.
Cedric Alen, sound, video and light director. 
Jérôme Dejean, light creation. 



On the stage

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Panorama Landscape

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Project Details