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Lola sur le rivage

Teresa Arroyo Corcobado

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Lola sur le rivage
Project Description

Lola leaves her town and her friends to move to a small and isolated village by the sea, where nothing pleases her. Her mother, who is a postwoman, delivers the mail by boat to the inhabitants of the islands. On day, she takes Lola on tour and she discovers a new world. Little by little, Lola get to know this new place and its inhabitants.

A book about the uprooting, the loneliness and the fear of the unknown, that take place in a magnificent setting inspired by the Nordic seas.

Published by Versant Sud Jeunesse

Rights sold to Piboco (English)

Rights sold to Canada (French) Monsieur Ed.

Rights sold to South Corea Yeoyoudang

Selected by dPICTUS – “100 outstanding picturebooks” 2020

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Project Details
  • ClientVersant Sud Jeunesse
  • Date03 Oct 2019
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