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Paisajes de la memoria

Teresa Arroyo Corcobado

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Paisajes de la memoria
A mythical topography, a mapping of hidden memory, of the sleeping memory that dwells in our notion of landscape.
Project Description

My creation process is based on the notion that identity is an open and ever evolving social construction.
From a constructivist perspective, identity is not something that is inherited, but something that is built, and therefore, it is not something static and immutable, but a dynamic construction, malleable and manipulable.Thus, a person is built by different layers of identification; an unit formed by that sum of layers that are created and ridden together according to personal experiences, social and historical events that happen to us throughout our lives.

It is for this reason that my work is composed of different drawn or printed elements, which I assemble and regroup, and then I separate and divide to reuse them in another way, giving shape to images that compose successive and somewhat infinite series and combinations.
These elements are mostly small drawings created either from the printout of inked stamps, or from images printed or painted on acetats, together with another series of cuts illustrated on different supports.Some overlap, others clash, others touch, always in a playful way, and today, they are the main visual and plastic tools that I use when evoking and representing the functioning of memories in memory.


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Project Details
  • ClientTeresa Arroyo
  • Date19 Feb 2018
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